EBSpro 9.1 has been released

Today was released the stable version of EBSpro. In this case the 9.1 version with lot of fixes and improvements! You can download it (as always) from here. Warning: In this version, command-line arguments for player-integration was changed (because with the old method can cause some problems with some special characters). Remember to re-configure all … Read more

A bit of fun

We’re pleased to announce that EBSpro 9.0 beta and EBSpro Mobile 0.3 alpha has now been officially released. What’s new in EBSpro 9.0? Support for BLScan2 devices (Montage DS3000/2, DS3103 based) SatFeeds.info integrated inside EBSpro blind-scan list USALS now works fine (I think) Better Ka-Band LNB support Lots of improvements and fixes For more detailed … Read more