Easy BlindScan

Easy BlindScan (known as EBS) is a software for make it easy the satellite blind searching.

This is an user friendly GUI for BLScan/2.


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  • EBS is Freeware.
  • BLScan/2 is developed by CrazyCat (opensource tools for satellite blind-scan) 

Support and help (English/Español):


  • .NET Framework 4.0 – Download
  • Compatible DVB-Card (See below).

EBS supports this DVB-Cards:


> 4.3 stable (maintenance release) [21 Sep, 2012]

  • Add: Support for SatFeeds 2.x.
  • Add: SatFeeds; Now shows the elapsed time and user from the report.
  • Imp: Umbral for SatFeeds is changed for accept up to 2000 kHz.
  • Imp: Minimal Symbol rate changed to 100 Ks.
  • Del: Send report to SatFeeds is not supported in EBS GUI. (Due to technical difficulties)
  • Upd: Update streamreader (, blscan ( and blscan2 ( to latest version (thks to CrazyCat)

> 4.2 stable [17 Apr, 2012]

  • Added: Support for BLScan2 (you can switch to BLScan or BLScan2 when you want from Main window)
  • Added: Device Config: FastTune option (some device(s) need this option marked, eg. Prof7500)
  • Update: Streamreader.dll, BLScan.exe and BLScan.exe to latest version (thanks to crazycat)

> 4.1 stable [02 Nov, 2011]

  • Fixed: Possible load() error in some .NET Installations are fixed.
  • Fixed: When do a first installation and profile folder are empty, the ‘New profile’ button are disabled.
  • Fixed: When you have ‘Auto-Save’ option marked and Multi-Sat scan item selected, when software close this option is saved as new profile.
  • Fixed: Now checks if profile name are defined before save.
  • Fixed: Some other bugs are fixed.
  • Update: Allsats.txt (Thanks to qwer)

> stable [27 Oct, 2011]

  • Added: Button to add new global satellite profile (for more easy use .. the old method confuses a lot of users).
  • Added: Support for Enable/Disable scan-ranges without loss the range setting.
  • Improved: Auto-Save now saves profiles changes on the fly when change to another profile, start blindscan, or software ends.
  • Fixed: DPI issue on Options form.
  • Update: Streamreader to latest version.
  • Some bugs are fixed.

> 4.0 beta 1[18 Oct, 2011]

  • Added: Support for changing the accuracy of comparison with the last blind search (in kHz) and http://satfeeds.info.
  • Added: Options to change the bottom of the list of reports, the color of the font, etcetera.
  • Added: In reports, now add a new option to combobox for ‘New channel(s)’.
  • Improved: Reports icons for broadcast type has been update.
  • Improved: When click on Refresh list on Satellite Reports, also update transponders from http://satfeeds.info.
  • Update: Streamreader to latest version.
  • Fixed: Too long timeout for http request.
  • Fixed: Some bugs are fixed.

> satfeeds.info 1.5 beta changes:

  • Now supports kHz format in DB
  • Added option to show frecuencies in Mhz or kHz (Default in Mhz).
  • Added option to save ini in kHz or Mhz (Default in Mhz).
  • Now shows SatID and *.ini downloads from the selected satellite.
  • Now shows Pilot status in the tooltip over frecuency.
  • Improved Ini file (added support for pilot, rolloff, and report text).
  • Now shows in the page title the name of the selected satellite.
  • Some cookies handling mistakes are fixed.
  • Some graphical improvements.
  • Improved SEO.
  • IE Fixes.

> 4.0 beta 0 [11 Oct, 2011]

  • Added: Optional feature for check differences between last blind-scan report and the actual.
  • Added: Show information about reports on satfeeds.info in ‘Satellite report’ is now optional.
  • Added: Now on ‘Satellite report’ shows a ‘New’ and ‘lost’ transponders compared with the last scan (on the combobox).
  • Added: When select one item on ‘Satellite report’ now appear the report of the selected item on the status bar.
  • Added: Estimated Time for Accomplishment* (ETA) for BlindSCan.
  • Improved: Player integration now supports SatID Variable (ex: 0192).
  • Improved: Copy Pattern now allows you to copy Sat Name, SatID and device selected.
  • Improved: Copy Pattern now shows in real time the results of you pattern defined.
  • Improved: Optional Player now allows you to send command line variables (Same as main player integration)
  • Improved: Loading of satellite report list is ~40% more faster :)
  • Improved: Date format on reports have been update to ISO8601 format (year-month-day_hour.min.sec).
  • Improved: Now checks if the SATID was established correctly.
  • Improved: Graphics and GUI improvements.
  • Moved: Optional tab, Device config window, player integration window, and Copy pattern window is moved to new ‘Options’ window.
  • Remove: ‘Show only reports of this satellite’ is removed.
  • Fixed: Steps show in General Report is wrong sometimes.
  • Some fixes and general improvements.

*This calculation is based on some values, like steps, scan-ranges and some other variables. The speed time is calculated base on

my Prof7301. With others cards is possible that calculation is wrong. The umbral seems is +/- ~6000ms.

> stable [24 sep, 2011]

  • Update: AllSats.txt (Thanks to qwer from Germany).
  • Some fixes.

> SatFeeds.info 1.4 beta changes:

  • Update: AllSats.txt (Thanks to qwer from Germany).
  • Some fixes with Cookies handling.
  • The Modulation column is too small for 16APSK/32APSK.

> SatFeeds.info 1.3 beta changes:

  • Too small size for menu and table header (fixed)
  • Now remember ‘Last report’ combo box option when you go to homepage.
  • Some fixes with the other pages.
  • Download INI in ‘Last reports’ are disabled. Not useful here.
  • Added a counter of satellites in the list.
  • Chat link is now opening in other tab/window.
  • Some fixes.

> 3.00 beta 2 [17 sep, 2011]

  • Added: Option in Player Config to Close all instances running before open again.*
  • Moved: Moved button in Menu to ‘Scan Range’ for update/save the predefined scan range.
  • Fixed: Data fields for Dish size, and location not save if press config button.
  • Some bugs are fixed.

*This option is added at the first version I’ve release with Player Integration, but now is optional.

SatFeeds.info changes:

  • Added a “Last reports” option in the combobox for see latest feed’s are reported for all satellites!
  • Added ‘Total records’ count in ‘Last reports’ page for get the number of the total reports.
  • Improved navigation and space now auto-adjusts to browser.
  • Fixed possible design errors if users write a HTML code inside the fields. (Thanks to X05 for report)

> 3.00 beta 1 [14 sep, 2011]

  • New: New domain for sat reports. http://satfeeds.info
  • Added: New fields to the ‘Satfeeds’ for Dish type, country & city.
  • Added: Now send report to ‘Satfeeds’ with the selected dvbcard.
  • Remove: Chat inside EBS has been removed, I think not useful here… but, the link continues in the same site.
  • Improved: Error handling for ‘Satfeeds’.
  • Improved: Some Sat Profile combobox tweaks.
  • Fixed: If Description field have a ampersand (&) the chars are cutted.

Satfeeds.info changes:

  • Date fields are now formated for a better human read.
  • Added experimental support for change the timezone for the date field.
  • Some desing improvements.

> 3.00 beta 0 [12 sep, 2011]

  • Added: New feature that allows you to report information on real-time about transponders to other users such as the broadcast type, provider, etc.
  • Fixed: Max steps and minimal steps allowed by BLScan are fixed on GUI.
  • Fixed: Copy to clipboard only one item, copy it always the first item on list. (thanks to X05 for report)

> 2.10 stable [23 aug, 2011]

  • Added: ‘StartWait’. Allow you to delay diseqc commands in BLScan.
  • Added: A rename button to change sat profile name.
  • Added: Support for TSReader Integration also in ‘Lite’ Version of these.
  • Added: Chat* (beta)
  • Added: Option to change how is launched the BLScan window (maximized, minimized, or normal)
  • Added: Play sound when BLScan is ended.
  • Fixed: Small fix in ‘Loop mode’.*Speak directly with other users about interesting satellite feeds, frequencies, and everything related with feed hunter world.*Login in chat without password.

> stable [19 aug, 2011]

  • Added: Drag’n’Drop support for ‘Scan-ranges’.
  • Improved: General improvement of some parts of software.
  • Fixed: Some handle issues with DOS Window and results.
  • Fixed: Sometimes don’t show latest element on [Satellite Report] when scan ends.
  • Update: StreamReader and BLScan to latest version.

> 2.00 beta 3 [15 aug, 2011]

  • Improved: Reports and Transponders INI’s is now saved by default on ..\reports\ & ..\transponders\ on EBS folder.
  • Improved: Decimalseparator on [Satellite Report] is now based on system configuration.
  • Improved: [Satellite report] Added option in popup menu to show only reports from selected satellite.
  • Improved: Player Integration; Now added option to set variables in kHz.
  • Fixed: EBS now works with VLC 1.1.x (Tested on VLC 1.1.11).
  • Fixed: Clean install makes a exception on first EBS start.
  • Fixed: Some bugs are fixed in Multi-sat scan feature.
  • Fixed: Loop mode for each selected satellite in Multi-sat function is made disabled when do a multi-sat scan.
  • Some minor bugs fixed and some improvements.

> 2.00 beta 2 [10 aug, 2011]

  • Added: Player Integration* (Tested with VLC) for [Satellite Report]
  • Added: Copy pattern; Tabulation.
  • Added: DoubleClick in the [GeneralReport] textbox clear screen.
  • Added: Added a DirectTV/DSS item to device config.
  • Added: Support for “Contionous 22Khz tone control for SingleBand LNB” in EBS.
  • Added: Now checks Exit Code of BLScan console.
  • Improved: Now detects if TPDir and ReportDir directory exists. If not, saved it on EBS profile dir.
  • Improved: Now detects if scan-ranges are defined before save profile.
  • Fixed: Some issues with report list.
  • Fixed: Some issues en Multi-Sat scanner list.
  • Fixed: Msgbox appears when copy item.
  • Fixed: Device menu is now disabled when BLScan is working.
  • Some minor bugs are fixed.
  • Update: StreamReader and BLScan to latest version.

* Player Integration: Allows you to configure 3rd party software to run with specific command-line arguments with the selected item on Report list. I’ve tested with VLC with own BDA engine for DVB and works fine. I think TSReader also compatible, but not tested yet.

> 2.00 beta 1 [31 july, 2011]

  • Added: MultiSat scan; ‘Select none’,’Select all’ and ‘Config’ in popup menu.
  • Added: A button to launch the application set it in the ‘optional’ tab.
  • Improved: Multi-Sat Scanning now supports Drag and drop with items and some fixes.
  • Improved: In [Satellite Report] now allow to copy selected items and also added new patterns, like CRLF, CR, and LF.
  • Fixed: Start BlindScan sometimes don’t work.
  • Fixed: Now remeber last status of the main window (Maximized, minimized, or normal)
  • Update: StreamReader and BLScan to latest version.

> 2.00 beta 0 [26 july, 2011]

  • Added: Feature Multi-Satellite Scanning with Loop mode option.
  • Added: Copy popup in [Satellite report] with the option to customize the text to copy.
  • Added: Button for update sat reports in [Satellite report]
  • Added: Now remeber last size and position of main form.
  • Improved: Diseqc1.2, now also remembers the last position.
  • Fixed: Bug in LoadConfig() with USALS in some machines.
  • Fixed: Diseqc 1.2 does not work well in version 1.20
  • Fixed: Some bugs have been fixed.
  • Code cleanup.

> 1.20 [16 july, 2011]

  • Added: Support for specified sat report path for BLScan.
  • Added: Combobox in [Satellite Report] for view all satellite reports.
  • Added: Now handle Scan time value from BLScan.
  • Added: More info in [General Report] when do a blind-scanning.
  • Improved: Auto-Scroll in [General Report] has been changed.
  • Improved: Loop mode. Now read automatically all reports made by BLScan.
  • Update: BLScan and StreamReader to latest version.
  • Small fixes.

> 1.10 [01 july, 2011]

  • Added: Device config dialog (StreamReader.ini)
  • Added: Now handle report file and show it on a sort list
  • Added: More debug information.
  • Improved: “Open this application when scan is done” only run application when more than zero transponders found.
  • Improved: Some gui elements.
  • Fixed: Checkbox ‘Enabled for this’ in Optional tab don’t work.
  • Lot of fixes and improvements.

> 1.00 beta 7 [26 jun, 2011]

  • Added: Loop mode (for BLScan mode only).
  • Update: BLScan and StreamReader to lastest version.
  • Improved: Now deleting profiles no needs to reload the list everytime and some bugs fixed.
  • Improved: Now remember the LNB type and frequency range allowed by profile.
  • Fixed: Another USALS handling bug (Thanks to Giver for the report.)
  • Fixed: Sometimes don’t end the application when does not dvb devices found.
  • Fixed: Small issues with some DPI configs.
  • Fixed: Bug when deleting last ‘scan-range’ item.
  • Fixed: Sometimes profile configuration is not fully loaded if Device list is empty or unplug any device and item ID is changed.
  • Some other small fixes.

> 1.00 beta 6 [18 jun, 2011]

  • Added: Button in menu for update the ‘Predefined-range’ for the selected satellite.
  • Update: BLScan and StreamReader to lastest version (supporting Prof7500!) (Thanks to CrazyCat)
  • Improved: Now detects better the decimal symbol based region settings (For the USALS) and fix some crashes.
  • Improved: Application path and arguments is now saved on ebs.ini, and also added optional checkbox (it is saved on selected profile)
  • Fixed: handling the city list (for the USALS).
  • Fixed: Result file created by BLScan is deleted before start scanning.
  • Some changes and small fixes.

> 1.00 beta 5 [15 jun, 2011]

  • Added a predefined* frequency range for some european** satellites.(Thanks to Snuffer, Rini and MelC4Eva).
  • Added ‘Update’ button in scan-range tab.
  • Fixed issue with USALS in certain regions (I hope)*For make it more confortable, only load it under demand. *The format of the predefined range is the same as the profiles create by EBS. But, this is saved on \ranges\ and the name of the file is the SatID.ini (Like 0010.ini).** If you have more satellite ranges for the rest of world, please send me, and add it to the next release.

> 1.00 beta 4 [14 jun, 2011]

  • Small fix loading and saving USALS in EBS.ini.

> 1.00 beta 3 [14 jun, 2011]

  • Added option for save selected profile before start blind-scan.
  • Added Auto-Scroll in ‘General Report’ tab.
  • Improved the speed loading the list of satellites and devices.
  • Improved handling of the device list (Sometimes shows repetitions).
  • Improved profile handling and also now remember last profile selected.
  • Improved error handling.
  • Fixed the capture DOS output when ‘Hide DOS window’ is mark checked.

> 1.00 beta 2 [13 jun, 2011]

  • Added predefined list with Country and Cities for USALS.
  • Tweaks in USALS. Handling and fixes.
  • Add version info to the window title.
  • Now allow ‘dot’ and ‘comma’ support for profile name.
  • When delete one scan-range, automatically select the last item of the list.
  • Fix ‘Rigth’ polarisation word and replace to ‘Right’ (Thanks to tempo).
  • Now, default value for Wait to positioner is set to 5.
  • Small fix in Diseqc1.2.

> 1.00 beta 1 [12 jun, 2011]

  • Added option for make DOS window visible
  • Added Always on top to main window.
  • Added more pre-configured LNB LOF’s.
  • Fixed some chars that not allowed to handle by BLScan (spaces, and others symbols) in the file name.
  • Now, the installer don’t check if .net framework is installed and also admin rights verification is disabled.
  • Partially fixed the scan-range allowed for other bands. (Now allow Ku-cir, c-band, dss, l-band).
  • Small changes.

> Beta Test (11 de Jun, 2011)

  • Initial version.
  • http:feedhuntplaza.nl Snuffer

    Great tool thanks

  • http://Website Ggw5150

    Awsome tool!

  • http://Website Dean

    Can’t wait to try it on my Prof card. Any plans on adding other cards?

    • Cjcr

      The development of the Blind-Scan engine is made by CrazyCat. I think, Their have plan to add support for other compatible cards, like TeVii 470/660 .., Prof7500 (if Prof fix a issue in the driver) and possible others dvb cards.

  • http://www.mydvb5.org DVB5 Team

    hi man
    why again you not support SKY STAR HD 2 in new your software?

    • http://www.mydvb5.org DVB5 Team

      PLEASE report this to CrazyCat for support SKY STAR HD2 AND USB HD 2

      • Cjcr

        Unable to add support for this card.
        If you want to do more things with dvb card, please buy another one. SSH2 sucks.

  • http://www.mydvb5.org DVB5 Team

    please see to this picture:

    streamreader for sky star hd 2 i think CrazyCat release it,i,m test with streamreader of SSHD2 but atall no recive any reply!!!!
    please tell to he for support sky star hd 2 in this software.

    • Cjcr

      by parts:

      First screenshot: Write first any profile name and save. (now, ‘Start blinscan’ is allow to pressed)

      Second screenshot: Is a bug. I try to fix soon.

      third screenshot: This streamreader does not compatible with BLScan.

  • http://www.mydvb5.org DVB5 Team


    Unable to add support for this card.
    If you want to do more things with dvb card, please buy another one. SSH2 sucks.

    Your mean you release this software for TRADE!!!
    only for PUBLIC PROOF m8?

    • Cjcr

      No, I did not say that! I mean, I think your card (ssh2) will never be compatible with this program because it has no blind search hardware. If you want to do more things, better to buy another card!

  • http://www.mydvb5.org DVB5 Team


    No, I did not say that! I mean, I think your card (ssh2) will never be compatible with this program because it has no blind search hardware. If you want to do more things, better to buy another card!

    ok,thanks m8

  • http://crazycat69.narod.ru CrazyCat

    Hi guys :)

    Old & expensive hardware like TT S2-3200, 3600, 3650 and SkyStar HD, HD2 based on old STB0899 demod, whicn not capable blindscan – so can’t be supported in my soft.

    P.S. Thanks Cjcr for first user-friendly configuration tool for my console BLScan tool :)

    • Cjcr

      Thank you :)

  • http://Website OHUM

    PROF 7500 NOT SUPPORT :((:((:((:((

  • http://Website rruunneerr

    Any chance of this software supporting a old Skystar rev2.3 card which has hardware blindscan?

    I would appreciate you taking time to respond.

    • Cjcr


      Any chance of this software supporting a old Skystar rev2.3 card which has hardware blindscan?

      I would appreciate you taking time to respond.

      I think not. Is too old dvb-card… but, this question is for CrazyCat. (EBS engine = BLScan + StreamReaderEx)

  • http://Website rruunneerr

    Ok thank you for your advise and help

  • http://Website rruunneerr

    If I bought a TBS6925 card to work with this software, would the software let me view 422 feeds and how quick would an average blind scan be?

    Thanks in advance.


    • Cjcr

      yes, you can view 4:2:2 feeds. But I not known the average time of tbs6925 in blindscanning, but for Prof7301 is 15min avg (depend of the satellite and number of transponders).

  • http://Website Name (required)

    7500 update drviers not work…

    • http://Website rruunneerr

      What TBS6925 will not work with this software now?

      What TBS6921, is this good card for blindscanning?

      • Cjcr

        no, TBS6925 works fine with EBS and CrazyScan software. I say no have reports of the blindscan speed time.